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Full-mouth Rehabilitation

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Full-mouth Rehabilitation

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Most people who come to our clinic mistake a full mouth rehabilitation to a Smile Makeover. A Smile makeover focuses mostly on the aesthetics of the teeth, while a full mouth rehabilitation goes beyond just the aesthetics of the teeth to repairing and restoring damaged teeth caused by diseases or any other factors.

A full mouth rehabilitation would usually involve a lot of restorative treatment to address major damages caused by numerous dental concerns.

Advanced tooth decay, periodontitis, tooth loss and other major oral diseases could require a full mouth rehabilitation to correct the damages done to the mouth and oral health as a whole.

Full mouth rehabilitation would require one or all of these treatments:

Root canal treatment: a treatment used to cure infection at the core of a tooth.

Dental implants: Replacement of tooth root
with metal.

Crowns: are used to protect, cover, or restore the contour of a damaged tooth.

Extractions: tooth removal from sockets
Bridges: fills gaps left by lost teeth and aids in the restoration of bite and smile.

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Dr. Uku Nketim

BDS (Lagos), Cert. Aesthetic Dentistry (UK)

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